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Transcription Ethics: Ensuring Confidentiality and Accuracy

Ethics is a part of transcription which doesn’t often get a turn in the spotlight. The reasoning behind ethics is simple enough - how do we protect the sensitive information of certain conversations while still creating a written copy of a meeting or chat? It’s important to follow all the latest data protection rules and also guidelines for discretion in business or personal communications.

Maintaining both confidentiality and accuracy in transcription is a challenge faced by transcription companies everywhere. Here are our thoughts on the matter.


First, we have to address arguably the bigger problem of the two - confidentiality. Every person, regardless of the setting they are in, has a right to certain fundamental rights and liberties. The challenge comes from maintaining those rights even when taking an audio file and converting it to a written document.

What do you do if someone shares sensitive information? How do you commit that to paper without compromising data protection or the fundamental right to privacy? Some immediate solutions include limiting the number of people who work on the project and getting the participants of the conversation to sign a document granting permission for the file to be transcribed. It would make logical sense for companies who transcribe information of this nature to be subject to considerable scrutiny to ensure they’re storing information correctly too - destroying audio files after the transcription is complete.


Accuracy is the other big challenge faced by transcription companies everywhere. How do they ensure that they are being accurate with people’s information to create a document which is going to be usable later on?

Having high-quality audio tools is obviously a good start. It’s also very sensible to focus on taking time to develop a proper written record - rushing a transcription seems pointless. It is better to spend time getting it right than it is to get it done quickly, after all.

You wouldn’t think accuracy was a particularly difficult part of transcription for professional companies. However, the issue is that in a world where we prize speed and fast services over everything else, the impulse to turbo out services to meet expectations means that quality is often compromised. Companies need to slow down and take their time.

Accuracy is the hallmark of a good transcription company. Those businesses who can deliver accurate but relatively fast content are the ones who will succeed - they have everything worked out.

Improving Transcription For All

Focusing more on confidentiality and accuracy in transcription is all for a single purpose - to improve user confidence and quality of services. If people don’t have confidence in a company to deliver the kind of services they need for success, then it’s difficult for the industry to grow and develop. Like so many other transcription companies, London transcription works tirelessly to ensure that people get the services they need and rightfully deserve. After all, it’s key for these people to be able to trust a transcription company - and key for the future success of the industry.

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