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Transcript Quality VS Fast Delivery

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

What is the most important aspect that a client looks for in a written transcript- is it top notch quality or a transcript delivered in the shortest turnaround time? Most clients would state that a mix of both is important and at London Transcription delivering error free transcripts within the deadline set by a client is our work mantra. 


Unfortunately, many transcription agencies all over the world pay close attention only to quick turnaround deadlines and often forget that a transcript filled with errors is quite useless and can often be dangerous. The popularity and easy availability of online transcription software that can be purchased for a small fee, has also made churning out transcripts by the dozen that much easier. But of course transcripts that are prepared at the click of a button do come with heavier price- errors, distortion of information and misinterpreted details. Moreover, firms that rely on such tactics often do not have an in-house proofreader or an editor who can correct such errors and add a touch of perfection to the transcripts.Chances are that when such a transcript is delivered to the client, he may be thrilled at the idea of having received it ahead of the deadline but on closer scrutiny of the transcript itself, it is likely that he will not trust the said agency again. In hindsight, such an attempt to deliver a transcript quickly is certain to ruin the reputation of the transcription agency itself.

Transcripts that have been transcribed with care, patience and expertise by humans rather than machines are guaranteed to have fewer errors and better presentation of the content itself. In addition, the services of a proofreader or editor are paramount and should not be ignored or overlooked. Delivering professional transcripts within a set time-frame is definitely a possibility but in cases where the audio files to transcribed are more and the deadline short, asking the client for a deadline extension instead of submitting a transcript that would need to be redone, is undoubtedly a smarter idea.

So, with regard to the original question of quality vs delivery, quality should be the priority or the transcript itself would be a useless one. But, at London Transcription, we make sure that we deliver the best quality transcripts within deadlines.

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