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The Future of Transcription: AI and Machine Learning Advancements

AI is slowly but surely seeping into everything that we do. From writing to healthcare, AI has begun to develop a foothold in everyday life which is surely beneficial if slightly concerning as to how fast machine learning has advanced in just a few short years. AI has started to become part of transcription in more than a few ways, but is it the future of the industry? Can AI become a major tool that we use to deliver quality transcriptions or will it simply fall short of growing and changing needs?

The Growing Needs of Transcription

AI is seeing a lot of use in the transcription world as a way of helping businesses to keep up with the growing list of needs they have regarding overall output and complexity. As we move into an increasingly accessible and inclusive world, the need for people to provide transcription services has continued to rise. After all, it is important that businesses keep up and stay the top provider for a given service.

However, there are more and more people seeking services, which does present an output problem. Audio is being increasingly turned into written content to provide another way for students to access the materials. After all, if someone has difficulty hearing an audio file, they need another way to get the information being offered.

Will AI Become Mainstream in Transcription?

We predict that AI will become a tool used more and more in transcription. However, it won’t ever radically alter the industry because it is not advanced enough to do so.

Machine learning and AI tools are not advanced enough to track nuance and colloquialisms at this stage. They can’t replicate the tiny parts of language which we take as normal and don’t think anything of - but they can change the way a sentence is interpreted or read. AI also isn’t as accurate and flowing as a person.

Instead, we are happy to accept AI as one of many tools on the belt that is our tool set. It’s important for us that we don’t ever rely too much on one method or option - we need to stay sharp and accept new methods as they become available. Transcription is a constantly evolving industry after all - and it is important to use each one in the right way.

Closing Thoughts

So, AI will undoubtedly continue to be part of transcription for a few more years. However, it is not an acceptable substitute for the skill and experience of a person, and we’d caution anyone against the idea of relying upon AI instead of using a professional transcription service. AI is simply one tool that should be used in tandem with others to get the desired results. A good transcription company will know this and use the best tools at their disposal. London Transcription is here to help with any and all needs you might have, offering tools and experience that can make a big difference.

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