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SSL: We keep your data SECURE

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

At London Transcription, we understand that any files you send us over the Internet may contain sensitive information such as medical data or other official communication which should be protected at all costs. Besides doing our best to keep clients happy by delivering timely transcripts, online website security is a valid concern that we take seriously. We do this by ensuring that our website pages, in which clients upload any sensitive information, are SSL certificate certified so that all the data we receive is kept secure.

We secure your data using SSL

We secure your data using SSL

Let’s take a closer look at SSL and why our team swears by it:

  1. The first important point to understand about SSL is that it keeps all sensitive information sent from any location over the Internet encrypted. This helps to ensure that the data stays confidential and also that only the person whom it is intended for actually gets to see it. On our website for example, you’ll find that the page which lets you upload audio files for transcription has an SSL certificate in it which protects your identity from potential hackers. Also the payment page is SSL certified, so that the client’s bank account details remain confidential.

  2. Since SSL itself is actually a security protocol, it is this feature which determines what kind of encryption variables should be used with regard to both the website link and the respective data that is being transmitted. You do not need to download any specific browser in order to view websites which have SSL certificates because these certificates do not cause any compatibility issues. However, these certificates have three keys- a public one, a private one and a sessions key which work together hand in glove in order to set up an encrypted connection. To put it simply, both encryption and decryption are carried out with these specific keys.

  3. SSL certificated pages also help to ensure that you are protected from unwanted phishing attacks which could result from your domain name being leaked. So, it is important to make sure that any data that is downloaded from a website or uploaded to a website is only carried out on sites with valid SSL certificates.


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