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Why Meeting Minutes are Important and How Meeting Transcription Can Help

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

The recording of minutes is an integral part of any meeting, but some don’t take advantage of meeting transcription. Some may feel it will be an expensive endeavour, whereas others think it will be too time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are options available that not only streamline the taking of minutes but also allow for meeting transcription to be carried out quickly at little expense to the company.

The following is an overview of why the recording of meeting minutes is important, and how meeting transcription can benefit the business in the long term.

Meeting Minutes Provide Structure and Meeting Transcription Helps Retain This

Structure is an important part of any business, but during a meeting it is vital. The taking of minutes ensures a structure is put in place, meaning that there is less chance of the meeting losing direction.

Not only does this allow for more constructive meetings, but also ensures that the meeting is kept to a reasonable timeframe. This means that professionals and businesses do not have to be fearful of the meeting impacting other important tasks that need to be undertaken.

Any information that needs to be reviewed can be done so with ease, as meeting transcription can be searched with ease, and takes less time than reviewing video or audio.

Meeting Transcription Means Action is Taken in Every Instance

A lot of people can come up with some fantastic ideas and make some viable suggestions, but if minutes are not taken, they could soon be forgotten. As expected, this can be counter-productive to the outcome of the meeting, so a professional solution needs to be put in place.

The taking of minutes ensures that all information is retained, and those using audio or video to capture the information can take advantage of meeting transcription

Meeting Transcription Allows for Ownership of Ideas

Knowing who raised a good point can be difficult without minutes, thus the reason why they are so commonly used. Meeting transcription helps ensure that a clear record is kept of who came up with suggestions, allowing people to take full ownership of ideas and see them through.

Meeting Transcription and Recording Minutes Allows Those Who Were Absent to Catch Up

Despite the many options available regarding how meetings are conducted, there will still be instances when some are unable to attend. This is when both the taking of minutes and meeting transcription offers a multitude of benefits.

Although notes taken by others can be a good reference, there will be times when more in-depth information is required. Fortunately, the documenting of minutes and employing the use of meeting transcription ensures that those who were not present can still understand the content and context of the meeting.

Meeting transcription is something that can benefit any business, and those searching for a professional and affordable form of meeting transcription need look no further than London Transcription.


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