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What are the best recording devices for recording conference meetings?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022


Preserving a precise record of minutes of business meetings is something that has become pertinently important in recent years – regardless of what organisation, be it corporate, government or charity sector. Information transparency and scrutiny is crucial and critical in the new business environment.

High quality recordings can help transcribers and minute takers when contentious issues arise by providing precise data to stave off heated debate. The integrity of transcribed minute notes is critical.

These devices can help you maintain excellent, high quality records of minutes from conference events with large number of attendees. So let’s get started.

1) M3 Meeting Voice Conference Recorder XLR – Market price £538.21 approx.

This is a professional voice recording system that has been designed for the layman and non-technical populous. The M3 is designed to give clarity to digital conference recordings. This feature-rich product offers users enhanced memory (8Gb) along with digitally clear recording technology that is tailored to conference/meetings events. The M3 allows the use of battery powered microphones and also includes support for WAV and MP3 format for easy file sharing.

2) Portable 4 Microphone CD Recorder Package – Market price £922.67 approx.

The professional voice recorder is a standard piece of corporate kit. However, at large corporate levels the Dictaphone isn’t enough. The Portable 4 Microphone CD Recorder Package is designed to offer a professional conference/meeting recording solution. It also records direct to CD. This allows better compliance in terms of corporate governance requirements of hard evidence of key corporate meetings. This compliance-proof recording package is designed with the super corporation in mind.

3) City Clerk Meeting Digital Recorder – Market price £421.98 approx.

This is perfect for mid-level meeting recording. Councillors, mid-sized business and public sector organisations who want excellent record-keeping can utilise this cost-effective recording and transcribing solution. The recorder can pick up audio from 60+ feet, has an omni-directional microphone and unlimited pause along with auto-transcribe functions. Whatever your budget, these recording devices,can help you record high-quality conference meetings by empowering note taking professionals to capture the right data in order to create great transcription notes. Whatever style organisation, whatever budget available, whatever meeting style, these digital powerhouse devices can help transcribing professionals glean high quality audio.

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