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Transcription for Market Research

Audio recordings for market research purposes are very useful but quite limited in their practical purpose in a recorded format. Once the interview is over, transcribing such interviews to text creates a more dynamic document with applications for analysis and insights. Online interview transcription services are a great way to turn your voice recordings into documents that can be used as a valuable market research tool providing data so that you can make accurate business decisions.

Easier to Digest

Having a written document instead of an audio recording gives you opportunities for referencing and analysis that are much harder to bring together when listening to spoken word. It’s also possible that details can be missed, and the interpretation of what was said can be different. Having a written record using online interview transcription services gives you an accurate, irrefutable record of the conversation, meaning there is little risk of oversight or any miscommunication. This enables your research to make accurate findings to inform future business decisions.

Time-Saving Data Analysis

Wading through audio recordings is also time-consuming and leaves your researchers tied up. Professional transcription services give you accurate and high-quality documents, saving you a lot of time and effort and leaving your research team free to analyse the data, provide insights and identify patterns. Rather than stopping and starting data recordings, they can simply navigate through text, making the work more efficient and less time-consuming.

Easier Collaboration

Collaboration is also made much simpler by having everything as a document. Easier for a team to work together in remote locations if they all have the same reference document and can easily navigate to the same point without having to scroll forward and back through audio recordings. This means that brainstorming ideas and cross-validating findings offer even better insights into the data collected and make market research more valuable.

Removes Language Barriers

International companies can also benefit from online interview transcription because it removes any language barriers. It is far easier to translate a document into multiple languages in order that it can be shared in a worldwide capacity rather than trying to translate audio files into different languages, which is a lot more time-consuming.

Different Types of Transcription

Market research can also be transcribed in several ways; the three types of audio transcription are verbatim, intelligent and edited. The advantages of each are different depending on the need of the client. Verbatim transcription is designed to ensure that every single utterance is captured, including hesitations, false starts, and other cues that may be able to bring insight into the emotion and reaction of the consumer's opinion. For this reason, market research is often transcribed on a verbatim basis in order to provide the most accurate interpretation of the data to enable comprehensive marketing strategies to be developed.

Need Transcription Services?

London transcription office, a wide range of services for transcribing market research and many other recorded media. The fast and efficient professional service ensures that you have the results as soon as possible, enabling you to effectively run your business.

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