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Transcription for Academic Research

Updated: Jun 28, 2022


1. Experts consider audio transcription to be the most useful & easiest way to save/preserve the data that has been collected in the form audio recordings for it saves time, it’s helpful for analyzing results & it makes information easily accessible when required.

2. Re coding an audio can be a lot easier when compared to getting it transcribed as academic research transcription can be time-consuming. Academics may not find enough time for transcribing the audio themselves also audio file may have some inaudible sections which could prove to be nerve-racking and so is the case with deciphering pronunciations as the research may involve interviewing people with different accents & pronunciations.

3. Lectures are one of the most important medium to gather information but lectures may not necessarily be available in any reference books or websites. The best way to capture that influential lecture is getting it documented/transcribed. Students, Lecturers and even academic institutions can use them as study material and as a reference in future.

At the end we can say that academic research transcripts can be used as study material by students, lecturers, universities and by any such institution which involves research.

Research transcription help enhance the global collection of knowledge.

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