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The Significance of Medical Transcription to Healthcare

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

There are many reasons why medical transcription is considered important to the smooth running of healthcare, but here are some of the ones generally considered to be the most important.

Transcriptions of medical documents can help healthcare workers keep an accurate record of patients, their illnesses, diagnosis and medication prescribed. This allows doctors to access records quickly and efficiently, and to react in time, and according to the patients’ particular needs, in case of an emergency.

Where once a country doctor worked alone, this is something of the past, and in nearly every case more than one doctor works in the same practice now. This necessitates that written information that is clear and accurate is available to each doctor for the times when they see a patient who is normally seen by a different doctor.

Nowadays insurance is obligatory for many professions and the medical field is one of these. Insurance companies require documentation of everything, and in order to do this, doctors would be forced to see fewer patients – unless they used an in-house transcriptionist or a transcription service. In many cases in-house transcriptionists actually cost more than paying a professional transcription service such as London Transcription. Having a professional transcriptionist on a regular salary can work out expensive, not only because of their weekly wage, but also any contributions or taxes the government takes.

Then there is the question – is there really enough work to justify a full time employee? The answer is nearly always, no. This is where an accurate, quick and specialised transcription service comes in. You only pay them when they work.

Few fields have need of accuracy as much as the medical profession, where wrong or unclear information could cost a person their life. It is vital a medical transcription is done correctly and 100% accurately, and this can only be guaranteed by an experienced professional.

We at London Transcription can offer you experienced professionals for a quick, precise, friendly and easy service. If you have a job needing done, why not ask for a quote; you might find the answer a pleasant surprise.



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