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The Impact of Transcription on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO for many - is a core part of the internet and how it works. By using SEO, businesses and groups can rank higher on website search results. There are many tools and strategies which go into SEO, but one which isn’t considered as much is transcription. How does transcription help SEO? What considerations should be made in the face of it? Let’s take a closer look and identify how transcription might play in allowing a website to rank higher than ever before.

Accessibility For Everyone

The first thing we need to establish is where and how we might use transcription and why this can help with improving the SEO of a site and thus how good it ranks on search engines. Primarily, websites would need transcription services for any area which wasn’t text-based. This means things like videos and audio clips would get a written document to go alongside them.

One of the biggest and most immediate advantages of something like this is the idea of accessibility for everyone. If you’ve got people who can’t easily watch a video or listen to audio - either due to technical restrictions or a disability - then having a text-based document which can be used to view information instead is massively helpful. It gives people a way to try to view content regardless, and this kind of accessibility can drive up SEO in a big way. If a website isn’t accessible for everyone then it is going to be ranked down on search engines. Transcription helps to fix that.

New Keyword Opportunities

At the core of any good SEO strategy is using keywords, both long and short, for the purpose of ranking higher. The keywords help to bring a level of focus and cohesion to your website and give people something specific to search for.

Implementing keywords into a website can be tricky. You are limited by the amount of content on a website, and pages of filler content are found and penalised by the SEO algorithm. Basically, it needs to be organic, which a good transcription can help with.

If you work to create new keyword opportunities through transcription, by producing specific video and audio content which uses those keywords, then you can make content that uses them and it is wholly organic. It takes a very deliberate strategy, but it is possible to achieve.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to designing a website and using SEO to build a good ranking, transcription does have a role to play in the process. It can be part of a larger, more cohesive strategy because it allows people the opportunity to design content which is based in audio or video and then make compelling transcriptions to support that and boost rankings at the same time. It’s a good way to maximise the tools on a site and it is becoming a popular strategy. London Transcription is happy to help with this, delivering high-quality transcription services upon request.

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