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The Growing Importance of Transcription in the E-Learning Industry

The e-learning industry is getting big for delivering courses you can do in the comfort of your home. As an industry, it’s also growing rapidly, meaning that new tools and resources are coming into the spotlight, and transcription is one of them.

Transcription is increasingly important in e-learning as a tool for promoting accessibility and improving learner comprehension—both important parts of a good learning provider. Let’s talk a little more about transcription's benefits and what it offers because this will give a key understanding of the e-learning industry’s growing interest in what we do.

Helping Accessibility

Accessibility is one of the big things in the world right now. We’re all working hard to make life more accessible for people struggling with certain tasks. For example, more and more places are becoming wheelchair-friendly. However, in the world of e-learning, transcription plays a big role in championing accessibility.

A modern e-learning course often contains a selection of materials to teach the subject to a student; written, audio and video files are all common. However, if you’ve got a learner who has an auditory impairment, then they might struggle to listen to audio files where key information is provided, and it’s the same for someone who is visually impaired.

Using transcription as a tool to provide a written copy of a video clip or a sound byte will help make learning more accessible. Thanks to something like this, people can learn regardless of how it is presented.

Improving SEO and Reach

As with anything that needs to sell, SEO is a core part of e-learning for many reasons. It helps people grow and thrive naturally, but it also helps get the courses to those who need them.

Transcription can be a good way to get keywords and phrases that are organically part of the course onto a website in written form. When they’re on a page, they can be counted as part of the ranking algorithm that many search engines use. This helps businesses that provide e-learning grow and ensures anyone who wants to connect with the services offered will see it on rankings.

Considering how much of modern e-learning is multimedia these days, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that transcription can quickly add pages of text to a website, all of which can be laden with keywords.

A Match Made in Heaven

By now, it should be pretty clear just how useful things like transcription can be for e-learning. Chiefly among the benefits is the improvement of the accessibility of courses, which will broaden the overall appeal and benefit of the provider. However, there is also the undeniable benefit of improving things like SEO, which can push the courses further onto the internet. Transcription is becoming the norm in the e-learning industry, and it’s not difficult to see why. The goal of any provider is to make materials that are accessible and flexible, as well as helpful for the business. London Transcription is happy to help with this, offering high-quality transcriptions which make a big difference to any course.

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