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The Best Transcription Service for Law Enforcement

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Law enforcement professionals have to document everything that happens during an investigation. They need detailed records to hand, so they can quick find information, and as evidence.

Interviews and testimony are generally recorded, either in audio-only, or as a video, and these must be transcribed quickly and accurately in order for them to be accessibe as proof, for witnesses to sign, and for all the other uses necessary.

Police, and indeed any type of law enforcement officers, are inundated with work as their job involves, not only apprehending criminals, searching for proof, evidence and such, but also includes a mountain of paperwork.

That is why a reputable transcription service such as London Transcription can, and will, save time and stress. Do not take our word for it, but look at why and how this will help.

Nowadays modern technology allows police to record more than they could years ago, but this also increases the amount of work to be transcribed.

It is essential that the transcription is 100% accurate, as even the smallest mistake could mean the difference between a dangerous criminal going to jail, where they cannot harm other people, or walking free to do unspeakable things to others. Even less important offences, such as traffic violations, need to be precise in every detail. An error means all the time the police spent building their case is wasted, and the law is not respected.

At London Transcription we are used to transcribing depositions, statements, investigations, arrest reports, court hearings, phone taps and much more. Our transcriptionists have experience in this field, and know and understand the terminology, and a transcriptionist proof-reader checks the work before sending it back to be sure everything is exact.

A professional can do the work in less time and more accurately than a fellow law enforcement officer who is trained in other fields, and also does many other jobs. In the end hiring a professional service will save time, and time is money. Instead of having a law enforcement agent transcribing audio, they can be doing other, more important work, such as protecting society. After all, that is their real job, so allow us to do ours and help you be more efficient.

Choosing the right transcription service may not seem easy, but with proven experts, confidentially guaranteed, accuracy, professionalism, speed and price plans to suit all budgets, there is nothing to dislike.

Have a look round at the various organisations offering this service and use the above check list to find the one best suited to you. If that is us, and we hope it is, get in touch and we will be happy to provide a timeframe and cost for you to think about.



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