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Professional Transcriptionist Vs Speech to Text Software

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

  1. Depending on where the software is written, difficulty in understanding certain accents and dialects usually arises. Corrections to punctuation, altering abbreviations and making final changes will still need to be done manually.

  2. Using a voice recognition software program requires that the user speak in a clear and loud voice so that the software can decipher the words correctly. This may also involve repeating certain words continuously so that they are transcribed correctly.

  3. The ideal environment for using such a speech to text software is one in which there is no background noise as even the smallest sounds could interfere with the voice recognition process.

On the other hand, seeking the services of a qualified transcription agency ensures that any audio file is transcribed to a text document in a professional manner. As a client, you do not have to worry about having to review the document for punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes, unnecessary expressions or the like. What you get is a document that is easy to read and ready to use in the matter of a few hours.

Since London Trans also has a unique Online Transcription Work Flow Software, all you have to do is upload your digital audio files online and one of our transcribers will get started on your project immediately. You can also check the status of your project online as well.

London Trans has years of providing quality service to clients from different industries all over the UK. Get in touch with us for a competitive quote on our range of transcription services.



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