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Necessity of Proofreading

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Some of the most common mistakes a transcriptionist could perpetrate are missing important points, using inappropriate word, incorrect spelling, erroneous punctuation and other grammatical errors and proofreading is to check, identify and rectify such errors in a transcribed document and thus it’s important to understand what proofreading involves. The main highlights of Proofreading are:

  1. Length of Document

  2. Grammar

  3. Sentence formation

  4. Spelling

  5. Punctuations

  6. Abbreviations & Expansions

  7. Capitalization

  8. Use of Tenses

  9. Words & Phrases

The above points are enough to explain the importance of proofreading but problem may arise when service provider use automated software to perform automated proofreading but it doesn’t ensure competence. Proofreading by a skilled professional is must especially when it comes to medical transcription and legal transcription as these fields contain documents which can impact many lives.

After the above discussion we realise that proofreading is a very crucial process which must be performed by a skilled professional as inaccurate proofread document can alter the meaning of the content and it may also give the thumbs down not only to the end client but also to the transcription service provider.

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