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Transcription requires utmost focus to ensure accuracy for even a small error can ruin the quality and integrity of the document. Let’s discuss some of the errors/mistakes that can ruin/shatter the quality of the transcript.

  1. INSTRUCTIONS & DOCUMENTS: Transcriptionist needs clear instructions such as type of transcript, purpose of transcript, etc. If there are no opinionated documents and no clear directions, then it may hold-up the delivery of the transcript as a transcriptionist will have to struggle simplify words or phrases or jargons that could be unusual and it may also increase the charges involved.

  2. RECORDING TOOLS: Transcription is based on the audio/video file. If the audio has been recorded on an old recorder where it becomes nearly impossible to comprehend the speaker then the end product or the transcript is going to be imprecise. Investing in a quality and certified recorder can save time as well as it can ensure pertinent transcript.

  3. COST & DEADLINES: A lot of factors are taken into consideration while choosing transcription service provider and two of such important factors are finances & turnaround time. Most of us end up choosing the lowest cost option and also setting up impracticable deadlines. When you chose low cost option and leave transcriptionist with no supporting documents or instruction, then the end product you get is usually an erroneous transcript with deferred turnaround time.

No matter what method you apply for quality control, it cannot rescue a poor quality audio/video file. Ensuring the quality of audio/video recording that you present to a transcriptionist will assure you of accurate high quality transcript, on time delivery and reasonable charges associated with it.

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