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Make your Conference Work Better with a Transcription

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Many companies record their conferences so they can stream parts on the internet, and to keep records. When you record a conference you are half way to having a totally accurate and complete transcription of all that happened. Why not take the small step and upload your video to us at London Transcription, and before you know it we will deliver a written account back to you.

Our staff are experienced professionals, so you can be sure the text is accurate, and it can be used for reference, as well as being archived.

A transcription can work for you in many ways, here are a few examples;

  1. You can use a transcription to make a press release by simply copying the main points. It is easy to draft a document when all you have to do is cut & paste “Mr. C said “I believe…..”’, rather than write Mr. C said he believed… You might even want to offer journalists a full transcript of the event and let them troll through for the information they need. That will save you even more time, and it helps create a better working relationship with the press as they feel you are not hiding anything, and are including them.

  2. A written copy of the whole conference provides every singly quote and statistic, and at times there can be many.

  3. A transcription is quicker, it is easier and it is more reliable. You might indignantly contest the ‘more reliable part’, but bear this in mind; Even if you are totally true to what was said, (100% accurate), it is coming from you, not the originator of the concept, but by using a transcription you are relaying on what the creator said, and that can make a difference. It is his words, not you repeating what he said.

  4. You can send it to the board of directors or senior executives in the organisation. Sending a complete transcription of how the conference went is the best way to keep them informed.

  5. Send a copy to anyone who should have been present at the conference, but who was unable to attend. There is often someone who is absent for a meeting or conference, especially in multi-nationals where there are offices spread across the globe. A transcription lets you send details to other branches in an easy way. While some companies use video links for important conferences, this is time wasting as personnel have to sit through the entire discussion rather than only the parts pertinent to their jobs. It also avoids problems with simultaneous meetings or discussions where an employee cannot possible be in both places, but they can read the transcript later on, thereby missing nothing.

  6. Having a transcription of a conference eliminates the need for note taking, letting everyone present concentrate on what is being said, and perhaps questioning it or asking for clarification rather than trying desperately to write down salient, barely legible points.

  7. Once you have a transcript, it is an easy matter to get this translated into other languages for a global audience.

If you are interested in a transcription of your next meeting or conference, then contact London Transcription, and we will be happy to provide a quote.



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