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Legal Transcriptions

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

To the uninitiated a ‘legal transcription’ might sound like a transcription that is legal, but actually it is a transcription of legal matters.

This can be anything related to the law; from court proceedings to interviews, research, witness testimony and much more.

A written account of whatever took place is much more useful to legal professional than audio recordings. A written document allows them to go over testimony of specific witnesses without having to troll through other speakers to find the right place. It allows them to highlight vital facts, or note questions regarding something that was said. They can make up their own notes easily by using copy and paste, without the need to re-write the part they want to refer to, and searching for a term, word or person is a simple click away.

A transcription will even make the audio easier to use because the transcriber will note the time on the audio when things were said, so by using the text, it is simple to go to the correct place on the audio, if how it was said is of interest.

At London Transcription our experienced transcribers offer a complete, verbatim copy which even shows commas, pauses and hesitations as well as who said what and when.

Once you have a transcription of an audio recording it is a simple matter to then send it to a colleague with certain parts highlighted and a set of questions; ‘Can you find this car?’ or ‘why did he say that?’ When printed, it is also a paper copy for your files/archives.

We have experience in all legal fields and our transcriptionists are professional, but yet more professionals check the work to be one hundred percent sure it is accurate before delivering it to you.

A transcription will save time, effort and make life much easier, no matter what your involvement in the legal community.

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