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Legal Transcription and Other Technology Trends for 2022

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Legal transcription has become an important asset, but it is not the only trend worth paying attention to in 2022. Law firms and professionals have found offering a professional legal service that aligns with the client’s needs is easier than it has ever been.

The following is an overview of some of the technology trends expected for 2022 and where legal transcription fits in.

More Attention on the Importance of Cyber Security

As well as ensuring that client data is protected, a law firm must also protect its data. As such, there is a greater focus on cybersecurity. Some of the security concerns are due to weak networks used by those working outside of the office, whereas others may be using outdated software.

Law firms will take more measures to tighten up security and ensure they’re prepared for online attacks. Further security measures will also be taken when outsourcing work like legal transcription to third parties, including creating NDAs.

Law Firms Will Adopt Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence isn’t the right fit for meeting transcription, it can offer many other benefits for solicitors and others operating in the industry. AI is being used to carry out research at a faster pace and allows for easy translation. Of course, human interaction is needed to ensure information is correct, but AI can take care of tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming.

Virtual Law Practices

Technology and third-party professionals have allowed law practices to start small and, in some instances, operate solely from home. The freedom found running a business online was recognised during the pandemic, but the trend has stuck.

Those wanting to go it alone when running a law firm can take advantage of legal transcription and solid security without investing a small fortune in an office.

Seamless Collaboration with Clients

Before the birth of the Internet, working with legal clients could be considered time-consuming. Even during the early noughties, working with clients online could still be long winded in some instances. Fortunately, the modern era means communicating with clients is straightforward.

Law firms adopt a series of platforms to ensure that communication with clients is straightforward and timely. Zoom transcription services ensure that any information is captured correctly, so there is no reason to review hours of footage when focusing on the more minor details.

The length of the case can depend on what’s happened, but effective collaboration ensures that tasks can be taken care of in a quicker time frame.

Why Choose London Transcription for Legal Transcription

Despite the advances made in the legal sector, legal transcription is still an important asset. Whether operating a legal firm or going it alone, finding an efficient and affordable legal transcription professional is a must.

London Transcription can offer professional legal transcription that ensures data protection is maintained every step of the way without paying a small fortune. If you’re searching for professional and affordable legal transcription, why not contact London Transcription to discuss your requirements in more detail?


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