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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

1. Technical glitches may happen during webcast which may leave viewers with doubts / incomplete information but when the concerned people have a copy of webcast transcript there is no room for doubt or misinformation. Webcast transcript ensures that everyone has the right information and better understanding of what was discussed.

2. Webcast allows people from all over the world to sign in & participate in a live presentation but for the people who couldn’t, Webcast transcript is the answer. Institutions offering online courses, conduct online lectures. Webcast transcript can help students to get notes of any missed lecture.

3. Webcast transcript can help share the information with the viewers with hearing impairment or for your Non-English viewers, adding subtitles can help ensure accurate understanding of the information being shared.

In short, getting your webcast transcribed ensures that you have your records safe, helps you reach wider audiences, leaves no room for doubts or misunderstanding and saves your time too.



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