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How Transcription can help Small Business

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Small businesses tend to have problems larger companies don’t face; limited workforce and limited budget are only two.

Limited workforce might mean more than you think. For example if you have a business meeting with another company about work, a large company can pay a legal professional to sit in on the meeting so they can point out any legal pitfalls to you. For a smaller company this is generally not possible, but you can record the meeting, pay a nominal amount to a freelance transcription service, (obviously we would recommend London Transcription, but then we are bias), and ask a legal professional to read through it. The amount you pay for this legal service is seriously less than having a lawyer present for the whole meeting.

With a limited staff, outsourcing this transcription work leaves the small group of people you do have in your company free to do their jobs; be that recruit new customers, think of an advertising campaign or whatever else they usually do. It is also considerably cheaper to pay a freelancer than employ another staff member, and with London Transcription Services you are getting experienced professionals doing the work for you. This is virtually hassle free; you just send the recording and back pops a written record of the phone call, meeting and so on, as if by magic.

At our end it isn’t quite that magical, as we often need to clean up the recording before even starting to work on transcribing it, then we need to learn the cadences and accents of the speakers, but with years of experience all this starts to become second nature, allowing us to concentrate on the important business of getting on paper exactly what was said and how. It is unlikely your staff have this type of practice.

Our experts are experienced in a wide variety of fields and therefore have knowledge of terminology used in that particular circumstance.

All in all, let us do part of your workload for you, so you can concentrate on building your business.



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