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How Transcribing Public Speaking Engagements Will Help Your Business

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Many businessmen do some sort of public speaking, be it a talk to the general public, or shareholders, a presentation at a conference, so something else.

The Latin proverb which translates as “spoken words fly away, written words remain” is very true. You might listen to audio of a talk and not realise the 32nd minute is a repetition of the 25th minute, but if this is ink on paper, there is a good chance you will recognise this duplication.

Even if you write out your speech beforehand and practice it, seldom do you deliver a verbatim copy, and anyway there are always questions you have to answer.

To study, and therefore better, your performance, there are two ways to do this; have someone record it or get a transcript made, (in the latter case you will have both audio and written copies). Here are a few reasons why having your speech transcribed will help you in the future.

Quick Reference

A written copy is a quick reference to find out who asked what, and to see which, if any, of your points were questioned. It is easy to look up something to see if you remembered to include it, or check you explained it clearly.


Often journalists, shareholders or board members want you to make a mistake, each for their own reasons. Should anyone mention your ‘error’, a transcript is an easy way to prove you did not say what they accuse you of. People will read a document, but not everyone is prepared to take the time to listen to a recording.

Ready Made Press Release

If your company wants to release a press statement about your talk, or if journalists have questions about the speech, a transcription is a handy tool to have. A member of your staff can easily go through it and draft a statement with the pertinent facts, without either having to attend the event and take notes, or spend hours listening to a recording. It also offers an easy way to send exact quotes. What is more, you can always send the transcript to the press and let them pick the points they want to cover.

Improve Your Public Speaking

Many people find reading their speech more valuable than listening to it. It is easier to be impartial to a typed document than your own voice booming out. A transcript lets you improve what you say, see how clearly you got points across and any imperfections or mistakes you made. You can highlight areas where you feel you need to improve and concentrate only on those.

A Written Record

A transcription lets you keep a written record of what you said and where you said it. It is easy to file away a document and later on pull it out to check a few facts, but it is not so easy to find those same facts on an audio recording.

To Sum Up

Having some sort of record of what you said is important these days. Rumours and misconceptions fly around the world in seconds, so it is necessary to have the ability to correct these statements with hard facts. You also do not want to be caught repeating the same speech, so a record of what you said is important for your own archives too.

London Transcription offers you all the above advantages and more. If you have an audio recording, it is a simple matter to upload it to us and receive a perfectly transcribed document back. That way you have both the audio recording and a written record, so whatever you want to check, and in whichever way, it is all to hand.

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