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How to Transcribe from Microsoft Team

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Microsoft first tried to have a monopoly on the market with Windows computers and Word documents, and they managed it for a while. Since then, however, they have been playing catch-up with just about every new technological invention.

Microsoft Team is no exception. While Skype was the most widely used video call tool, a few others tried to compete, but not very successfully. Then in 2011 Microsoft bought Skype, so with the following years of experience, they should have good knowledge of how to make Team work.

To record in Microsoft Team you start, or join a meeting. In the ‘meeting control menu’ select ‘More options’ and from there ‘Start recording’.

All participants in the meeting are notified that the session is being recorded, so you do not have to worry about informing them yourself, (like you do in Google Meet).

For extra security and your records, the same notification is also posted in the chat part too.

When you want to stop recording, go to ‘meeting controls’,‘More options’and click ‘Stop recording’.

The recording is processed and stored in Microsoft Stream. This is not immediate, but Microsoft Stream sends the person who recorded the meeting an email when the recording becomes available. If you are still online, this message will appear in the chat message board too.

Only one recording of a meeting can be made at a time, so other participants cannot record it too. However, this is not necessary as the final product in Stream is available to all participants. A link to the recording on the cloud appears on the chat board, and is visible for seven days.

Users can set up a policy for recordings saved to Microsoft Stream, and only people who accept this policy can have access to the recording. This allows you to talk to people, but lets you choose who to share the recording with or not.

The recording can then be sent to us to be turned into an accurate paper record of the meeting.



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