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How to Send Large Files for Transcription?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

If you want to use London Transcription for professional transcriptions of your audio or video recordings there are a few alternatives for uploading the files.

You can send them as a secure direct upload via our upload page on the site, or by email.

However, if the file you have is a large one there are other ways to send this. You could upload them to a cloud based app such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, and we can send the finished work back there, or send it to your email if you prefer that. (The written transcription will almost certainly be considerable smaller than an audio or video file.)

You can upload the file to a Cloud Storage Service and from there you can choose who to share it with. The recipient clicks a link and downloads it, and reverses the process to send back the finished transcription.

The major email servers already offer a service for larger files. Gmail has a 25 MB limit while Outlook only allows 10 MB, but both these servers offer an easy way to send large files; Google drive for Gmail attachments and OneDrive for They will even walk you through how to upload and use these services, so it is very easy and quick.

Although not always suitable, you can also divide your file into smaller parts and send these separately.

There are Large-File Sending Services that are free to use too, such as ‘We Transfer’ who let you send up to 2GB in one go. TransferNow lets you send up to 20GB, so for really large files this might be the best choice.

You upload a file to them and they send you a link for that upload. You send that link to London Transcription and we click it to download the file. Easy, simple and quick.

However you chose to send your file, we will treat it with the upmost secrecy and respect, so your work is in good hands with us.

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