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How Online Interview Transcription Can Help with New Hires

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

When searching for talent, an interview can make all the difference in who is hired. However, there can be times when the number of interviews carried out means that absorbing all the information in real time is complicated.

As such, many companies record their interviews to allow them to review the information in more detail. From here, many people will benefit from online interview transcription, as it offers more clarity regarding the information obtained from the interview.

There are also instances where meetings will be held regarding new hires, and it is important to document this information in the same way.

Streamline the Interview Process

There can be instances where the interview process does not yield the required results due to information going astray. Using online interview transcription allows the interview process to be streamlined, due to clarity in the information retained and the speed in which it can be delivered.

Retain a Full Record of All Interview Stages

As well as ensuring all interviews are recorded, it can also be a good idea to capture the information discussed at meetings regarding potential candidates.

Making use of online interview transcription ensures information is available from the perspective of the business, as well as that of interviewees.

Retain Information for Future Roles

Despite the efforts made, there will be times when someone is not a good fit for a role, but this does not mean their skills would not be a good fit for another role.

Making use of online interview transcription helps a business determine the right fit for one role, and helps shine a light on potential talent that would be a good fit for upcoming job roles.

Offer In-Depth Feedback Regarding the Interview

Although not every business provides feedback to candidates following an interview, many are embracing the opportunity to offer feedback, so applicants are aware of the reason an offer was not made regarding a job role.

This can sound like a negative approach initially, but those struggling in the job market are open to such feedback, and even use it to reapply for jobs in the future, often with success.

Feedback helps candidates improve regarding future interviews, but also allows a business to recognise talent and create a recruitment drive that allows constructive feedback that will benefit the business and those applying for a role.

Why Choose London Transcripton for Online Interview Transcription?

Given the importance of accuracy and speed regarding online interview transcription, it stands to reason that businesses and professionals will want a professional company that offers accuracy and speed.

London Transcription offers numerous services, including online interview and meeting transcription, and all that is required is the uploading of media that requires transcription.

As well as offering professional and rapid services, those who choose London Transcription can also be assured of affordability and experienced transcribers.

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