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How Newspaper Interviews Are Helped by Transcription

When we think about newspaper interviews, there are two types to keep in mind. You have the news interview and a profile. Both of these are valuable parts of journalism. They provide you with good information and an opinion on. Furthermore, a good interviewer will generate new angles as a result of conducting an interview.

Transcribing an interview can be a good way to take notes and retain passing thoughts at the same time. Transcribing your interview can have a lot of benefits when it comes to putting the final product together. It helps with editing and composition.

Transcribing an interview can be much more practical than trying to write it all down quickly. It’s also more accurate to the person you interview, because you need to represent them in the right way.

Top Tips for Recording Interviews

Here’s a few top tips for recording interviews in no particular order:

● A clear recording can be better for your audience quality. You can achieve this by choosing the right venue for the job, and take note of any ongoing sounds.

● If your phone isn’t cutting it for audio quality, invest in a handheld recorder. It’ll make a big difference.

● If you want to transcribe quickly, try and go for a speech-to-text transcribing tool. They’re used everywhere from interviews to focus group transcriptions.

● Try to ensure that you and your subject both speak loud enough for the software or recorder to hear you. Don’t try and talk over the person you’re interviewing, either.

● Take note of any unusual names or words your interviewee says. They could be important.

Why is Accurate Transcription Important?

When you’re finished with the recording, you’ll want to sit down and transcribe the interview if you haven’t got an app to do it for you. A written piece of material is better for details and finding key themes. Furthermore, you can copy and paste parts of the transcription into the article with minimal fuss.

Where possible, use a professional transcription service. It will make a big difference when it comes to getting an accurate, speedy transcription.

You need to make sure that your quotes are accurate to avoid misquoting your interviewee, and where possible, you need to tell the truth about the interview. Furthermore, there is such a thing as professional integrity.

If your quotes aren’t accurate and don’t match up with what was said, then you’ll look like a rookie and your interview won’t be well-received. Using a professional service to get a transcription is important because it helps to guarantee quality. You’ll need to make sure you focus on this quality above all else if you’re going to convince your audience that the interview is real and offers up some valuable insights.

Having the right tools for the job makes an interview a quick and easy process. If you need professional transcriptions for any situation, contact London Transcription today and find out what we can do for you.

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