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How does Transcription assist Students?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

One thing all students seem to agree on is there is never enough time; time to study; do course work or work on their thesis.

At a low cost they can ‘buy time’ by employing London Transcription Service. We will quickly and accurately transcribe lectures, research, interviews, essays, homework, notes for coursework and even a full or partial thesis.

There are quite a few benefits of using our services; one is that it frees up time for the student to work on other aspects of their study; another is speed. Our years of experience let us transcribe recordings much quicker than a lay person can, so students get important lecture notes much quicker, giving them more time to study and learn them.

A student can spend many hours doing research and conducting focus groups or interviews only to find there is little time left to put these findings into coherent order. By outsourcing this work to us at London Transcription Service, we can take your research notes, reports, interviews, conclusions, everything basically, and turn it into a well prepared, professional report, ready to hand over to your professor.

As course work increases more and more, students are turning to transcription services to lighten their load – and they find the cost less than they expected. That said, there is little point getting a random person to transcribe your work as you may find your important paper is full of inaccuracies and you fail the exam.

As a well-established company, with a proven track record, if you use London Transcription Services you can be sure of a quick, accurate and professional result in as short a time as possible. Money well spent.

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