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Good Spelling makes Good Business

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

This might seem obvious, but more and more atrocious spelling is creeping into business as people are no longer able to write their language correctly, or prefer to pay foreigners a lower amount to do it badly. There are also many foreign writers and transcriptionists who offer their services for very little money, but the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is usually true.

Recently a PR company advertised “We can help you find your niece”. Now, if your niece is lost, they can’t help you because they are not private detectives, if however, you want to find your ‘niche’ in the market, would you trust this company to be able to help you? If they cannot be bothered to do a good job for their own publicity, why should they do better work for you?

Spelling in transcriptions is very important, (and not only in transcription); a small error can make a whole document appear to mean the wrong thing. A reliable transcription service such as London Transcription uses experienced transcriptionists and transcription proof-readers to ensure the document is correct.

No one notices good spelling, but bad spelling can become a viral sensation overnight, leaving you no way to ever be free of your mistake. It can also cost you clients, like the error above, and yet getting it right is such a simple matter.

Some spelling mistakes, be they spelling errors or a simple typo, just make a business look incompetent, while others have been the basis for law suits as the error caused offense, and yet more have meant lost revenue.

There is no excuse for bad spelling; don’t reply on spellcheckers or software, they are wrong at times. Get someone to check the work, and read it again yourself.

Once you put it out there, there may be no taking it back. Make sure it is right before it leaves your business. If that means setting it aside for a day to come back, for another fresh look, then so be it. “Better sale than sorry.” See what we mean – “Better safe than sorry.”

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