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ow essential are foot pedals for transcription? Before we discuss about it, I would like to take you back into our childhood days, when we used to learn how to ride a bicycle and to propel / move the bicycle ahead we must learn to use foot pedal. Pedals were important to keep moving. Today the pedals that we are discussing are the ones which are made for Transcription process.

Foot pedals which are also known as WAV pedals help us to control dictation playback with our toes. We’ll try to understand if they are really essential for transcription?

  1. To write an accurate transcript, transcriptionist does multitasking. Listens to the audio, pays attention on every detail, carefully writes the transcript, takes care of grammar, etc. Foot pedal makes multitasking a little easier as one can play, rewind, pause or fast forward the audio by pressing the relevant sections of foot pedal using the front of the foot or toe.

  2. Transcription is a time consuming process as transcriptionist has to keep playing the audio repeatedly and while doing so sometimes transcription may get distracted but with hands on keyboard and foot on WAV pedal controlling audio is no more distracting. Transcription still consumes time with foot pedal but lesser when compared to transcribing without pedal.

  3. There are different WAV pedals available to choose as per the computer or transcribing device you use. There are USB Foot pedals with a small rectangular connector that fits into USB port. Serial Foot pedal with a D-shaped connector which is easy to connect to computer.

Which pedal to use depends on the type of transcribing device you use. The important part is it saves your time, helps you with multitasking and meeting deadlines. Keep pedaling to increase your productivity.



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