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Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

There are a lot of benefits to outsourcing transcriptions for every type and size of business. Why this will help a business the most, is an individual matter, depending on the businesses needs and resources. The best reasons for doing it, however, remain unvaried, only the order of importance to each company changes.

Access to Experienced Transcribers

Not only do our transcribers have experience listening to audio and re-presenting it accurately, but they also have experience, and therefore knowledge, in many fields. They have the technology at their fingertips, both hardware and software, to help them work better, faster and more accurately, few businesses have this.

Save Money

In order to do in-house transcriptions there are two routes a business can take; one is getting a staff member to do it, often a secretary – but that takes her away from the job she is really there to do. What is the point of employing someone and then setting them to do a different job? The purpose of employing them was because there was a need for the work they were hired to do.

The alternative is to train another member of staff or hire a transcriber. This means, not only another wage on your payroll, but also office space, another table and chair, another computer and on it goes.

At times there will be too much work for one person to handle, at others nothing to do. Not ideal when there is the option of simply paying for the work you need done and nothing else. That is where London Transcription come in. We take the burden off your shoulders. Pay our workers per job, get your accurate transcription back and move on to the next project. Simple.

Quality Results

Everyone in business knows quality is fundamental to getting on. You wouldn’t ask your secretary to change the fan belt in your car, (at least most bosses wouldn’t), – you would go to an expert; a mechanic in other words and let him do his job. Why then would you ask the same secretary to do another job, that of transcribing? Yes, you do not need specialist knowledge, after all it is only listening and copying – right? Wrong. It is so much more than that. How important can a pause be when talking? An experienced transcribe will show the pauses too, not just the words. All the little extras that help towards a better understanding of what was really said can be just as important as the spoken words.

You know what they say; ‘If you want it done right, get a professional’.

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