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5 Tips for Getting the Most from Virtual Meeting Transcription

Transcription has become an essential service in many industries, but there can be instances when the final piece of media is challenging to understand.

A professional virtual meeting transcription means that professionals always receive the best service possible. However, a business can take some steps to get the most from virtual meeting transcription in every instance.

1. Ensure the Device Being Used Can Record Audio and Video Effectively

Although many devices can quickly capture audio and video, those carrying out the interview must always ensure the device being used can capture media easily. A device that requires software updates or missing an essential application could mean the meeting does not go to plan.

Those in any donut should ensure any operating system updates are carried out, as well patches to software like Skype and Zoom if needed. There can be instances when updates occur automatically, interrupting the virtual meeting.

2. Ensure the Virtual Meeting Transcription Company is Aware of Speakers’ Names

Many assume that all forms of virtual meeting transcription are the same, but this is not the case when using a professional. As an experienced transcription company has dealt with professionals in several industries, they will understand that clients' requirements can vary.

For example, businesses that require the speakers’ names to be present can offer this service and can often collect most of the information from the recording. However, as the company needing the transcription will already have the names to hand, providing this information ensures that virtual meeting transcription can be completed quickly.

3. Does the Virtual Meeting Transcription Need to be Verbatim or Non-Verbatim?

Another requirement that some overlook when searching for typing services is whether the transcription should be verbatim or non-verbatim. Verbatim is when every aspect of a meeting or conversation is transcribed, including false starts and stutters.

Although verbatim is commonly used in legal sectors, it is not always required by those carrying out virtual meeting transcription. Non-verbatim transcription ensures the content of the meeting is retained but removes any irrelevant filler.

Informing the company offering typing services of which form of transcription is needed to ensure the final document provides everything you need.

4. Make The Transcription Company Aware of Any Industry-Specific Terms

As an experienced company will have provided typing services for several industries, there will be little reason it cannot contend without virtual meeting transcription needs. However, making the transcription company aware of any industry-specific terminology ensures transcription can be completed quickly.

Why Use London Transcription for Virtual Meeting Transcription?

Although there are several steps that professionals can take to ensure virtual meeting transcription can be completed quickly, using a professional and experienced company that offers typing services is essential.

As well as ensuring that typing services are carried out quickly, using a professional typing company gives businesses peace of mind that their transcription is in capable hands.

If you’re unsure what type of transcription is the best fit or have any questions about the typing services available, then why not contact London Transcription to discuss your requirements in more detail?


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