Knowledge of Accents in Transcription

Obviously it is fundamental to know the language you are transcribing from and into, but often this is not enough. Conventions can be national or international, and that involved myriad of accents of all types. While most people think of accents as being what foreigners have when they speak English, it is also something English[…]

The Importance of Time-codes in Transcription

Time-codes, or as they are sometimes called, Timestamps, are an important part of a Transcription. These are simply the time of a certain point in the recording that is written within a transcription. They identify an exact point in an audio recording where the written text was used. Usually time-codes are introduced using the format[…]

How does Transcription assist Students?

How does Transcription assist Students?

One thing all students seem to agree on is there is never enough time; time to study; do course work or work on their thesis. At a low cost they can ‘buy time’ by employing London Transcription Service. We will quickly and accurately transcribe lectures, research, interviews, essays, homework, notes for coursework and even a[…]


How Transcription can help Small Business

Small businesses tend to have problems larger companies don’t face; limited workforce and limited budget are only two. Limited workforce might mean more than you think. For example if you have a business meeting with another company about work, a large company can pay a legal professional to sit in on the meeting so they[…]