5 Transcription Myths Exposed and Explained

Transcription is a much misunderstood job with many myths being constantly perpetuated. Lister here are some of the more common ones, along with explanations as to why these ‘facts’ are untrue. It is easy to transcribe. Anyone can do it. That is not quite right. It is like saying anyone who can write can write[…]

How to Transcribe from Microsoft Team

Microsoft first tried to have a monopoly on the market with Windows computers and Word documents, and they managed it for a while. Since then, however, they have been playing catch-up with just about every new technological invention.  Microsoft Team is no exception. While Skype was the most widely used video call tool, a few[…]

The Significance of Medical Transcription to Healthcare

There are many reasons why medical transcription is considered important to the smooth running of healthcare, but here are some of the ones generally considered to be the most important. Transcriptions of medical documents can help healthcare workers keep an accurate record of patients, their illnesses, diagnosis and medication prescribed. This allows doctors to access[…]

Quality in Paramount in Transcription

There is only one thing that is important in transcription and that is quality. Occasionally speed is also called for, but not at the cost of accuracy, so even then quality is paramount. Quality involves various factors, the main one being accuracy. In order to have a good transcription, you first need a good transcriptionist,[…]

Knowledge of Accents in Transcription

Obviously it is fundamental to know the language you are transcribing from and into, but often this is not enough. Conventions can be national or international, and that involved myriad of accents of all types. While most people think of accents as being what foreigners have when they speak English, it is also something English[…]