Video Conference, Webinar Transcripts

A webinar simply put is a web seminar. The word is used to mean any sort of business meeting done on the web and this includes video conference, video workshop, lectures, presentations, conferences and anything else you wish, as long as it is hosted online and uses some type of webinar software. It can be[…]

The Best Transcription Service for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement professionals have to document everything that happens during an investigation. They need detailed records to hand, so they can quick find information, and as evidence. Interviews and testimony are generally recorded, either in audio only, or as a video, and these must be transcribed quickly and accurately in order for them to be[…]

Secrets to Successful Virtual meetings

Where once virtual meetings were a rarity, nowadays in what they call ‘the new normal’ they are a necessity for any successful business. Unfortunately many business owners and managers are finding these meetings hard to handle; employee conduct being the most common complaint. With only the head and shoulders usually visible many employees deal with[…]

5 Transcription Myths Exposed and Explained

Transcription is a much misunderstood job with many myths being constantly perpetuated. Lister here are some of the more common ones, along with explanations as to why these ‘facts’ are untrue. It is easy to transcribe. Anyone can do it. That is not quite right. It is like saying anyone who can write can write[…]