The Do’s and Dont’s of Verbatim Transcriptions

There are many things a transcriber must do or must not do when transcribing audio, but perhaps the first and most important is to find out what the client wants. There are different types of verbatim transcriptions, so you need to be aware if the client wants ‘clean/intelligent verbatim’, full/true verbatim or something else. Here[…]


When it comes to transcription, speed is one of the most important parts of the job. Having a foot pedal that is reliable is important, but it’s only part of the equation. Another vital aspect of transcription is getting everything down correctly, which is a lot easier with a good headset. Here is a look[…]

Transcription softwares

Transcription software works as a tool used for the transcription of audio to text. There are a number of different software solutions on the market, but some are better than others. For a transcriptionist, you want the most features and reliability you can get. We’ll look at the best options out there and discuss why[…]


Out of the three main forms of Transcription, Verbatim transcription can be very time consuming and nerve-racking too. Verbatim transcription means to include each and every sound that is audible in the audio even fillers like ‘umm’, ‘aah’, ‘you know’, etc. Fillers can prove to be very crucial, mainly when it comes to legal transcription.[…]


We have been discussing a lot of topics here with a purpose of knowledge sharing. There are still a lot of subjects that need to be discussed and one such subject is conducting better interviews for transcription. Let’s discuss: VENUE: Try to conduct the interview at a non-public place to avoid any disturbance because the[…]


Imagine you have to reach 5th floor of a building using only stairs. You take stairs but you skip every alternate step to reach to your destination quickly but then there is a risk of falling down at any point. Similarly, to conduct remarkable Focus Groups, make sure that you don’t skip basic points. Let’s[…]


How essential are foot pedals for transcription? Before we discuss about it, I would like to take you back into our childhood days, when we used to learn how to ride a bicycle and to propel / move the bicycle ahead we must learn to use foot pedal. Pedals were important to keep moving. Today[…]

All about Captions & Subtitles

‘Lights, Camera and Action’ – whenever spoken together take our mind towards a video/film. What if there’s no sound in this film? Or the language is not known to us?  This is where Captions & Subtitles come in the scene. Most of the time, captions and subtitles are assumed to be synonyms but they are[…]