All About Proofreading

A professional transcript is always a proofread one which a client can refer to or store away without worrying about typos or grammatical errors. But exactly why should a transcript be proofread first?

The process of creating a transcript involves typing any word or expression that is heard by a transcriber as the audio file is played.  Most transcripts are verbatim in nature which means that sometimes even language errors (for eg grammatical or syntax) are typed out just as they are spoken. It is important to remember that not all speakers take the time to carefully construct their sentences or to spell out every abbreviation as they use a handheld device to record their observations. However, in many cases, transcripts that are filled with such errors do not make any sense when they are read carefully.



This is exactly why it is important to outsource any transcription work your organization may have only to agencies that pay attention to proofreading all transcripts before handing them over to a client. It’s no secret that many agencies resort to automatic transcription software that enable them to churn out a large number of transcripts per day, but not many of them think about the importance of a human touch in the form of a proofreader for an error free professional transcript. Not having a proofreader on board can often come at a heavy price especially with regard to medical transcriptions. Sensitive documents may take on an entirely different interpretation which is different from the original intended meaning and most importantly, the cost of making actual corrections later at the client’s end could be more expensive too.Here are a few important aspects of proofreading that are taken care of during the editing process:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Formatting
  • Spelling typos
  • Abbreviations & Word expansions
  • Sentence Syntax
  • Proper Sentence Construction
  • Removal of inappropriate words or expressions
  • Usage of the correct tense

So, the next time you outsource an important transcript to your agency, make sure it’s a well edited one or choose to go with a leading name by outsourcing any transcribing work you may have to London Transcription. We have plenty of experience in delivering high quality error free proof read transcripts to clients all over the world. To get in touch with the London Transcription team, contact us here.