Role of a Proof Reader

1258281_glasses_1One would normally associate a proofreader with a publishing house, a magazine or a newspaper but the profile is considered just as important in a transcriptionist firm as well. In a newspaper publishing house for instance, a proofreader checks the work submitted by the editor and other members of the team to ensure that consistency is maintained throughout the article. Each page is arranged in a manner that is easy to read, any typos or grammatical errors are checked, sentences and page breaks are inserted at the appropriate place etc. Most often, the changes that a proofreader makes are considered as final before the reviewed piece is published.

Imagine receiving a transcript that is chock-full of grammatical mistakes and which does not make any sense at all. While it is generally agreed that a transcriptionist is liable to make mistakes while typing a document at high speed and listening to an audio file at the same time, ensuring that each transcript which leaves the agency is 100% error free is the responsibility of the entire team. That’s where a proofreader comes in.

Once the transcriptionist has transcribed an audio file, the transcript is them handed over to a proofreader. The proofreader scans the typed transcript for errors while simultaneously listening to the audio file as well. Common errors that are checked include form and style, wrong use of punctuation, wrong use of speech and tense, sentence construction or use of phrases. If there is any word or phrase that the proofreader is unsure of, a note will be made in the transcript for the transcriptionist to look up later. On receiving the corrected transcript, the transcriptionist gets to work on the highlighted parts of the text which need to be verified. Eventually, it is the job of the proofreader to ensure that the transcript reaches the client in a timely manner, is 100% accurate and well-structured.

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