All about Captions & Subtitles

‘Lights, Camera and Action’ – whenever spoken together take our mind towards a video/film. What if there’s no sound in this film? Or the language is not known to us?  This is where Captions & Subtitles come in the scene. Most of the time, captions and subtitles are assumed to be synonyms but they are[…]

Changing Trends of Transcription

Without change there is no innovation, creativity or improvement and certainly, a lot has changed in the transcription industry to make it better for both – Customers and Transcriptionists. Let’s have a look on the changing trends of transcription:   Technology has played an important role. At the initial stage, transcription used to be a[…]

Necessity of Proofreading

To move towards perfection, it’s important to recheck and review the work that has been done, to ensure that there are no loopholes and the end product is error free. Almost every profession needs to maintain some or the other record/document and to ensure this record to be error-free, Proofreading is must. A process which[…]


Transcription requires utmost focus to ensure accuracy for even a small error can ruin the quality and integrity of the document. Let’s discuss some of the errors/mistakes that can ruin/shatter the quality of the transcript. INSTRUCTIONS & DOCUMENTS: Transcriptionist needs clear instructions such as type of transcript, purpose of transcript, etc. If there are no[…]